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May 23, 2009, 10:32 pm
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Attention readers and followers, this blog has moved to a new place.

Please remain calm, edit your readers/bookmarks and move in sexy order.

End of transmission.

suspic makes a bootie call~!
May 20, 2009, 12:02 am
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Today, I was tested. My car was taken, and I had to drive Old & Busty. My first ride back in the illegal underage days. It’s safe to say ex-cars hold quite the grudge when you dump their asses and come back for one last bootie call.

I had to ride Old & Busty at exactly noon, noon when everything alive feels a taste of hell. After stepping into the car, I tasted a bit of that myself. To be exact, my ass and hands felt it..hard. The steering wheel felt like lava, and the seat was rough on my ass burning it branding me like its bitch..on both cheeks.

My constant cussing and screaming “HOT! HOT! FUCKING HOT!” sounded like Eddie Murphy’s hot tub skit. The only difference is I’d look much hotter in that robe.

Everything was fine and dandy, until I tried to merge into a certain ring road from the right and move to the left lane all in one try, that usually requires a decentpush on the gas pedal into the guts of the engine and waiting for the car to take you to the promise lane! Only I had one more advantage!

Oh hell yeah! The orgasmic sport button! I pushed it, screamed “Just like old times~! Yeah baby~!” and floored it with the RPM gauge going mad! That’s when I learned that cars held a grudge.

Old and busty gave me nothing but a blow to my road manhood, I got on the left lane with a firing bullet of a car coming up close behind me so I had to swerve to the middle lane pretty fast because Old & Busty didn’t feel like giving me what I wanted one last time. I wasn’t the alpha male on the road.

Lesson of the day, V-Kool is divine and bootie calls never end well.

End of transmission.

suspic’s birthday begins with charity~!
May 18, 2009, 1:53 am
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My family and I were at the garden enjoying the sexy clear night, awaiting the first moments of my 19th birthday on the 18th of May. A stray dog joined the party at our doorstep, it looked thirsty and quite hungry. Being a good man, I watered the poor thing and gave it some bread. Sweet, innit?

Fast forward minutes later, the dog and I are having a death stare match. Nothing between us but the fence as the dog’s trying to find a way to hop it to get to me while my sister’s pulling me back.

Lesson of the day, either suspic in shorts is tastier than bread or dogs don’t like the camera flash.

End of transmission.

When teenage girls beg you to…
May 16, 2009, 11:30 pm
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Our elections are a pedophiler’s wet dream. I was passing around the voting locations for some free ice cream and a girl jumped through the window screaming:

“!الله يخليك صوت لفلان! اذا تحب الله! ابوس ايدك صوتله”

I should’ve offered her my leg.

End of transmission.

suspic saw a familiar rear on the street~!
May 14, 2009, 6:33 am
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One of my favorite eye candy cars copied a 1994 Galant. I feel cheated and used for liking it. A rather unpleasant slutty adventure for the suspic.

End of transmission.

When oil runs out, we will sell blackberry covers!
May 12, 2009, 5:09 am
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Caution: This is a realistic review of Ebda3ati Business Expo.


“The idea of establishing this campaign came from our faith in youth abilities of making a new successful economic future.” – Ebata3i website.

Our youth have failed in every aspect in that demonstration of their business capabilities. Two halls consisted of something school children abroad can whip up in a few days for a fund raiser or a backyard sale. The two halls consisted of mainly clothing stores, blackberry products, cupcakes and coffee. That is the sum of our youth’s energy. A backyard sale marketed as genuine, creative business.

The participants in the event along with the crowds consisted mostly of university students, mostly students of business and commerce. Yet the two halls, which consisted of many projects lacked creativity, genuinity along with actual business ideas that have the slightest hint of potential to become an asset to the economy.

Socially, the event was a success as everyone knew everyone yet no one walked out with a single bag other than the free marketing goods. That alone is a reflection of the quality of the small projects in the halls, let alone a reflection of the true social rather than supportive motives of the crowds.

The Ebda3ati website prides itself in over 200 small project participants in its events. From today’s participants, anyone can notice a complete lack of variety. Most of the booths sold clothes. Ebda3ati shouldn’t have flooded the business expo with one field of business, that shows bad coordination and poor diversity along with creativity in the youth’s business ideas.

The comedic punch line to this joke of a gallery is that the top seller from my observations was the hot dog selling booth. A hot dog stand qualifies as business? A hot dog stand qualifies as “ebda3”?

Ebda3ati is a joke. This country will not prosper when the peak of our youth’s business efforts is selling blackberry covers whilst sitting on a bar stool cross legged in a mini dress along with 6 other, similarly dressed, business associates in a 4×4 booth.

End of transmission.

suspic’s slutty night out~! (Includes public nudity)
May 9, 2009, 4:28 am
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Doesn’t that supernova look hot? I looked hotter! Even hotter than I did in my last slutty adventure.

I took off my tshirt in front of a family sitting on the grass after a game of (ملعب صابون). I then did a bit of a catwalk around my car looking for things. After that I slowly took down my shorts with the towel wrapped on my waist. Did I stop? Oh hell no!

I then took out my camera, and told my friend to take pictures of me doing all sorts of seductive leg action, specifically lifting my towel up and placing my hairy leg on the car. All in front of the poor family that fell a victim to my sexiness. Did I stop there? Oh no I didn’t!

I took a long relaxing drive to a restaurant. Driving next to the girls in full make-up and boys with blowdryed hair, wearing a wrinkled tshirt, a towel and my bare foot stepping on the gas.

My excuses to public nudity are:

  • The bathrooms were so dirty that a cockroach wouldn’t step in them for having higher standards.
  • Everyone watching loved it.

End of transmission.