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suspic’s slutty day out! (Picture included)
March 31, 2008, 12:09 am
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I made the wrong decision of telling the maid to get some shorts and a towel out before I went to play ملعب صابون as I did an errand of some sort, and when I got back there was no time to undo what she so wrongfully did.

“There’s no time! You have to wear them! No one will notice! You’re a man! Be a man!”, I told myself. After convincing myself, I walked out to the chuckling friends..

(The camera orgasmed as I took the picture and it did not come out clear, yes, the plastic object had an orgasm because of my legs. Error6:OHYEAHBABY! the screen said.)

As you can see, they were awfully short but I thought it’d be fine..but I didn’t expect us to go to Pizza Hut to get eye raped by all the men, women and children of the place. They didn’t expect slutty suspic in their family day out.

The best thing that came out of it was getting a table quicker, due to my charming legs.

Sluts do have more fun. Ever been one?

End of transmission.



Is it the camera, or did you actually shaved your legs….

Comment by Game Over


No, it’s the blur.

You can purchase the unrated edition for a price.

Comment by suspic

first the leg.. then the thighs..kel sa3a aq9ar! are you preparing us for the big surprise?

Comment by Soul

You mean the toes, of course?

Comment by suspic

DAMN!!! ur so nasty, i didn’t expect u to say it


Comment by Soul

hahahahhaha! u keep going up and up :P and get a tan, white boy!

Comment by Enigma


Comment by greyshorts

hehehehe bass 3ad i’3ra2 :p thiba7tna!!! then they’ll call us cradle robbers and pedophiles!!

Comment by Princess

So short shorts aren’t cool…?

Comment by brokesaudi

Soul :


Enigma :

I’m an internet slut, what can I say.. :$

I actually have one, but due to wearing clothes and getting exposed to the burning sun it’s the arms and face. That makes me sound like a mutant, but it’s quite normal.. =O

greyshorts :

suspic is just another word for porn.

Princess :

lhaldrja fatin ana, atnqab y3ni? =O

brokesaudi :

On women, they are. On men, not so much..

Quite comfy though.

Comment by suspic

hot shorts!! talk about cheekiness… you cheeky cheeky boy ;O
the damage is done, anyhow what kink of pizza u ate ;p

Comment by Fadidra

AAAHHH the seduction ! :I

dont even try it ” sunshine boy ” Im not into midgets :I

Comment by { XIII }®

LOL! 7allaaaa;p

Comment by Amethyst

Fadidra :

The pattern on them made them look like boxers.. =O

We ate two large pizzas, one margarita and one paparoni. I didn’t get enough pieces.. =(

{ XIII }® :

sh’hal esim el3be6?

And you are fat, planet girl with a moon orbiting around her.

Amethyst :

..define 7alla. =O

Comment by suspic

7alla ya3ni jidir bil-masrey

Comment by Outkasty

looooooool hahaa

Comment by G and L


Comment by Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals


Comment by Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals

victim ?

Comment by Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals

b3ad 7ar shetsawe b3omrek ;D

Comment by Ms. D


Comment by Asooma

Outkasty :

Is she calling my ass a jidir? =O

G and L :

No more 7izb la lilzwaj, eh?

Crazed Man :

I know.. ;)

Crazed Man : calling me wa7sh 7awally? =O

Crazed Man :

..OHHH! Funny. =)

(I really laughed which’s rare on the net, be proud. This is CV material.)

Ms. D : that logic I’m going nude wearing just oakley sunglasses next time. =O

Asooma :

..tame yourself, woman! ma ti3maleesh elfa7isha.. =O

Comment by suspic

hahahahaa! ma’laab ;p

Comment by H.

ma’laab? no getty.

Comment by suspic

nvrmind ;p

Comment by H.

die. =(

..daris 4 sa3at o ni9 akrimeni bil m3na.. =(

Comment by suspic

u have a test? hahahahahah!

Comment by H.


get out. =(

Comment by suspic

galby galby !

Comment by um-mit3ibb 5leech 3la seegani bala naheeq ele 3ajbich hathak. =O

Comment by suspic

lool you’re such a slut :p using your legs to get you a table .. shame on you

And we ain’t blind we can see that you shaved those damn hairy legs of yours

Comment by FourMe

I like shorts :) . always wear them at home that is.

Comment by Linus

LOL ay niqab!! ay 5arabee6!! la la ana agool bass i7tishim little mr sunshine :p

Comment by Princess

you’re in school as of this moment.

lol kid.

hope u didn’t forget your lunch money.

and say no to the ciggies.

Comment by Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals

FourMe :

*combs leg hair*

Did I, now?

Linus :

Wear shorts to that Irani guy that fancies you. =O

Princess :

Prude. =(

Crazed Man in 9andals :

1. elt3alom 3ibada.

2. you like kids? =)

3. I get a dinar, how much do you get? =O

4. I’m never offered any. =/

Comment by suspic

I believe H. meant maqlab.

Comment by Asooma

mbala why not? there will always be a 7izb ;)

Comment by G and L

37 comments!! u became a cyber slut b3ad.. ish ish ish isssh.. ow tgoly wearin nuthin but oaklys.. wani3m elbara2a elmakhdoosha!

Comment by Ms. D

Asooma :

I figured, but I was bored.. =O

G and L :


Ms. D :

The image of me wearing just oaklys is still in your head, eh?

I’m not an object. =(

Comment by suspic

Sensual seduction

Comment by Chirp

am virtually seeing this pimple faced santa with a huge bear belly and no front teeth which fell out due to excess sugar.. with skinny white boys legs that are freakishly short sitting in extreme darkness and using some really lousy camera..

i guess someone was naughty this year.. and Mrs. clause was a tad bit stingy with the “x-mass treat” haaaa? ;)

Comment by Ms. D

Chirp :


Ms. D :

You sure take your time imagining me, eh? ;)

Comment by suspic

أصمط!!! I’m not gay! I’m not you :P
I didn’t go to the shop and will not!

Comment by Linus

shino mako time to undo wat she did
open the closet oo get another pair out

im6ale3 3a9ageelik 7ag khalg allah!

Comment by eshda3wa

dont b flatterred ;p

Comment by Ms. D

45 3la kra3enek ? 3yal law e6ale3 hathaak she9eer

Comment by greyshorts

I know! I’m testing the water.

The people seem to want it… =O

Comment by suspic


you should post ur toes, some freak may get off on that hahahaha

Comment by ananyah

LOL a reader actually made that request, along with a beach background behind the toe. =O

Comment by suspic

waj3aaaaaaa et7esh feeni wana elli kent batbannak!
mabeeeeeeek entaa mo weldiii anymore ;E

yallah wain el toe? ;p

Comment by Soul


*people scream, limbs fly across the room, bombs explode in the background, gunfire rages across the room, and ninjas crash through the windows*





Comment by Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals

If you wish to see teh cake alive again, meet me with the package behind the MickyD’s in yarmouk MIDNIGHT.


: O

Comment by Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals

Blaming your desire to go cruising down the beach in revealing swimming trunks is truly shameful. I wonder if all the boys who go own to Belajat St beach do the same?! Those poor maids…

Comment by moocherx

Soul :

..enzain bs you have to unsock me. =O

Crazed Man :




FINE FINE! ANYTHING! I’ll do anything.. Please please, just keep it in a fridge til I get it back! PLEASE!

(If cake is code for my ass I’m gonna hit you! =/ )

moochrex :

Okay the joke totally went over my this is a bad comeback. =(

Comment by suspic

so short shorts are gay ;P

Comment by noonie

e5tlafa elfoqha2..

Comment by suspic

a5eeh 3ala el boxer wana im trying to forget!

can i choose the next body part to be shown plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Comment by pink

Dear god..


Comment by suspic

:* 1 slice of butt plz :)

Comment by pink

I’m sorry, my butt comes in pairs, 2 slices that is. =O

Comment by suspic

i dont think my heart can take it all at once..a side pic could do.

Comment by pink

I know I’m a slut and all, but at least compliment me with some foreplay. =(

I’m not just a piece of meat..

Comment by suspic

enta u show the pic and i will lick the screen dont worry…this is the only ego boost i can offer.

Comment by pink

Disgusting…but I bring the inner animal in people, so aiight.

Do you want me to look back while posing and do perhaps a claw like hand gesture? Any special requests?

Comment by suspic

pink see thru nighty would do just fine..with some ruffles..hand on chin(cheap mag style)

Comment by pink

lip pouting..dont forget the pouting aham shay

Comment by pink

Flirt with me at least.. compliment me.. tell me I’m beautiful.. =(

Comment by suspic

agool *hand on waist*…shrayk troo7 tnaam w tfkna.. mabe ashof..*going out of blog w t9fq el bab 7eel waraha*

Comment by pink

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