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suspic’s slutty night out~! (Includes public nudity)
May 9, 2009, 4:28 am
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Doesn’t that supernova look hot? I looked hotter! Even hotter than I did in my last slutty adventure.

I took off my tshirt in front of a family sitting on the grass after a game of (ملعب صابون). I then did a bit of a catwalk around my car looking for things. After that I slowly took down my shorts with the towel wrapped on my waist. Did I stop? Oh hell no!

I then took out my camera, and told my friend to take pictures of me doing all sorts of seductive leg action, specifically lifting my towel up and placing my hairy leg on the car. All in front of the poor family that fell a victim to my sexiness. Did I stop there? Oh no I didn’t!

I took a long relaxing drive to a restaurant. Driving next to the girls in full make-up and boys with blowdryed hair, wearing a wrinkled tshirt, a towel and my bare foot stepping on the gas.

My excuses to public nudity are:

  • The bathrooms were so dirty that a cockroach wouldn’t step in them for having higher standards.
  • Everyone watching loved it.

End of transmission.




Comment by Ruby Woo

who wouldn’t love a hairy legged suspic? That’s like the mother of all hotness

Comment by Ruby Woo

Mafeni elnom y5ooch. How about you? =O

And to answer your question, no one. ;D

Comment by suspic


Comment by Jam

yuk i couldnt stand looking @ a guy wearing short shorts n ur tellin me u wore a towel :X

Comment by BeBe

a7la shay yom blsyara mnazlen eldrayesh o bo 5aled ma5th ra7taa :Pp o arjoooooooook arjoooooook ya mn 5nt 7ubeee ;Pp

Comment by abicheeseburger

ma agdar 3la HOTNESS ;p
laish ma tgool chan yeena nmati3 3yoona i mean nit6amash ;p

Comment by DaLaL

we want a picture nafs last time cz the last picture 5alatni afsil i mean AFSIL min thi7ik LOOOOL ;p

Comment by DaLaL

LOOOL! alah ekhesek;p

Comment by um-mit3ib

u went to pizza hot
with a towel on u?

Comment by Fanatic

Jam :

Hubba hubba. I’d say butter me up and call me muffin but you’re jam. ;D

BeBe :

You do realize it’s a normal towel not a mini-towel thing I had going on? =O

abicheeseburger :

La o m6li3li ni9 fi5thik, allah 3laik. =O

DaLaL :

I did it in a public parking so kanat eld3wa 3ama. =O

Next week, khiran, you’ll see lots of leg action. :D

um-mit3ib :

O yfashlich b3d, wathi7 enich mit7asfa 3li 6afich. =O

Fanatic :

Pizza hot? LOL please tell me mo badliya. =O

..and pizza hut was my last slutty adventure in short shorts. This time it was burger king. I wanted to go to a fancy restaurant to cause a riot but they wouldn’t go ’cause we were “indecent”. =(

Comment by suspic

waaaaih 3ad il7een shifukny, i meant hut;p

Comment by Fanatic

LOOOL count me in ;p
ur going 2 wear shorts?? @@ becareful u will be raped LOOOOOOL ;p

Comment by DaLaL

ee 2’3raaaa2 ;Pp

Comment by abicheeseburger


aham shay!

Teach me how to do one of those to Lilo!



Comment by Stitch

loooool…are you serious?

Comment by MAZE

Hahaha I think you got a little soap on your brain and it’s washing away some sanity :p

I miss your posts, keep’em coming :D

Comment by Swair

Fanatic :


DaLaL :

I’ll have my nephew to defend me..or use as humor armor. :D

Stitch :

Teach you how to do a strip tease? :|

Maze :

I was covered the entire time y’know, other than that, yes. =O

Swair :

Yes but the soap on my body washed away the family’s sanity. ;D

Comment by suspic

looool i would have liked to see the faces around you hehe

Comment by mar8adoosh

hahah! It’s always good to put on a show for people once in a while! I mean they do say sharing is caring ;p

Comment by eleventhst

?ملعب صابون

3gaidee much?

Comment by the pink possum of divinity

Maybe you could pose for our website with those dashing legs of yours ;)

Comment by N

mar8adoosh :

Why would you want to watch someone drooling? ;D

eleventhst :

LOL it is quite the refreshing experience. =O

the pink possum of cliche name :

Elitist much?

N :

My legs are happy to oblige. =O

However, no leggings please. Only macho stuff.

Comment by suspic

Yeah Suspic, you show off that sexiness layhizek reee7 aahahaha;p

Comment by zunoq8

LORD HAVE MERCY!! (In a Jamaican accent) ;P

Comment by Noorah

zunoq8 :

LOL I aim to please. :D

Noorah :

Kil magolha ti6l3 indian accent. =(

The only Jamaican thing I can say is “yeah mon”. =O

Comment by suspic

u dirty slutt you

Comment by Sh7afana

You like it. =O

Comment by suspic

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