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When oil runs out, we will sell blackberry covers!
May 12, 2009, 5:09 am
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Caution: This is a realistic review of Ebda3ati Business Expo.


“The idea of establishing this campaign came from our faith in youth abilities of making a new successful economic future.” – Ebata3i website.

Our youth have failed in every aspect in that demonstration of their business capabilities. Two halls consisted of something school children abroad can whip up in a few days for a fund raiser or a backyard sale. The two halls consisted of mainly clothing stores, blackberry products, cupcakes and coffee. That is the sum of our youth’s energy. A backyard sale marketed as genuine, creative business.

The participants in the event along with the crowds consisted mostly of university students, mostly students of business and commerce. Yet the two halls, which consisted of many projects lacked creativity, genuinity along with actual business ideas that have the slightest hint of potential to become an asset to the economy.

Socially, the event was a success as everyone knew everyone yet no one walked out with a single bag other than the free marketing goods. That alone is a reflection of the quality of the small projects in the halls, let alone a reflection of the true social rather than supportive motives of the crowds.

The Ebda3ati website prides itself in over 200 small project participants in its events. From today’s participants, anyone can notice a complete lack of variety. Most of the booths sold clothes. Ebda3ati shouldn’t have flooded the business expo with one field of business, that shows bad coordination and poor diversity along with creativity in the youth’s business ideas.

The comedic punch line to this joke of a gallery is that the top seller from my observations was the hot dog selling booth. A hot dog stand qualifies as business? A hot dog stand qualifies as “ebda3”?

Ebda3ati is a joke. This country will not prosper when the peak of our youth’s business efforts is selling blackberry covers whilst sitting on a bar stool cross legged in a mini dress along with 6 other, similarly dressed, business associates in a 4×4 booth.

End of transmission.



hathe likuwait w 9al 3ala il nibi.
sh3arifak bil creativity inta? MUSTAQBAL!

Comment by 7afsa

LOL ana 3mai! Mashoof!

Kil elbnat mini dresses, o kil elshbab abercrombie. O wala wa7ed yhiz 6oola y7awil ybee3!

O a5rt’ha msween chocolate cookie la barak allah feehom, ebalhom mswen Microsoft. =O

Comment by suspic


interesting post! Loved the commentary! and you are 100% right. ;( it’s sad.

Comment by apple.pie

It’s beyond sad. =O

It should be in the fail blog.

Comment by suspic

Wow, that is sad! Ahaha yeah fill me in on the Blackberry covers business

Comment by zunoq8

LOL it’s simple. Import and sell with %150 profit.


Comment by suspic

LOOOL ee i went yesterday eee walla u r right 100% right!! bs me asasan ray7a 4 BB skins bs ashkaal WTH msa5araaaa!!! chni shift wa7d eta7al6am wearing shorts LOL is that u ;p

Comment by DaLaL

Actually, I was badass in a slick dishdasha. =O

No ghitra though since it was a great hair day.

Comment by suspic

7safa 3ad bo shorts wa HOT LOL heheh ;p mink gomt kil ma shof guy wearing shorts i think mm is he suspic ;p

Comment by DaLaL

You go “mmm suspic” at every sight of legs? I’m flattered. =O

Comment by suspic


Comment by DaLaL

LOL. SAD bes ya3ni maybe something can be done
to not further highlight the majorities stupidity.

You know shino il problem mo bil participant ib the sponsor of the event and their motives…

oo il participants kila social 3ala qoltik.

who did the sketch?! hatha 9ij mal ebda3ati?!

Comment by arestou

I personally blame the sponsor of the event for having extremely low standards for what qualifies as business.

Unfortunately, even a simple blackberry covers stand gets media attention and the kid gets a firm handshake from an MP and told that they’re an asset to the country.

The sadder part is that the free trade zone was packed to the point where police needed to regulate the traffic.

Btw, I think it’s Ebda3ati’s poster sketch. =O

Comment by suspic

lol wallah kalamik 3adel :P i agree with every single word !
that’s why i dont go to these places i dont actually benefit anything they’re just a bunch of well-dressed young ppl selling stuff made by their maids or brought from China and they claim creativity :(

Comment by BeBe


It’s pathetic. Imagine a clothes booth with 6 well dressed girls, and only 3 shirts for sale?

What does that tell you? =O

Comment by suspic

very well said

just another excuse to dress up and socialize..

Comment by Silver

It’s an embarrassment. =O

Comment by suspic

and ur surprised, why?

wht dya expect?

blackberry covers oo wayed 3lahum.. a9lan i’m stunned they actually thought of that ..

i mean they thought of the consumer’s demands.. elkel hab bl blackberry fa akeed they want covers for them .. pretty smart for an averege kuwaiti person :D

i say, u shud be proud :D

Comment by eldctora

Supply and demand fails when supply > demand. =O

Comment by suspic

still.. shud be proud of kuwait’s youth

gool oo f3l ya o5oy

Comment by eldctora

Eee billah! Ma ga9iraw shbabna! 3sahom 3l gowwa o allah ywafighom!

*smiles to watan tv camera*

Comment by suspic

oww harsh but true !

long live the new generation :/

Comment by Cooookiez

I couldn’t sugarcoat it. It was really a sad, hollow attempt. =O

Comment by suspic

wow u removed our convo ;/

Comment by A 3 AM Flight

Well, we had the conversation. There’s no point of people reading 20 comments on how I owned you a couple of times. =O

Comment by suspic

Trueee truee truuueeee =( !! R schools bazaars had more creativity… and the Corn Dog stand LMAO no comment ;p

Comment by MLB;p

It’s smart. All those idiots had to eat, yes? He supplied to their demand. =O

Plus, they want to go out saying they bought something. A cheap hot dog is better than buying a 60kd polo.

Comment by suspic

haha like me say, no comments.. (LOSERS:D)

Comment by MLB;p

Ebda3ati 7arameya :) i participated in one of their exhibitions once.. and never again!..

and ur not entirely right.. atleast “the youth of kuwait” is doing something..

Comment by Sh7afana

It’s not productive, so I believe I’m right. =O

Do tell on your experience.

Comment by suspic

Your opinions are always very independent and honest. Don’t change, Suspic. I actually came to say this because i read your comments on Frankom’s blog. And then i saw this post. Bravo 3alik.

Comment by L

Thank you. Your comment means quite a lot. :D

Comment by suspic

u shocked me
for two reasons:
a. this post didnt contain any of suspic’s sexiness’ details.
b. i didn think anyone else thought about this the way i did

7asait waste of time, kilshay seen be4 o 3ebara 3an the lame ass facebook groups put in to a booth, 7etan the names mafeehum ebda3.

Comment by Fanatic

A. The shock you received is an effect of my “serious suspic” sexiness. There’s always sexiness in my posts. :D

B. I’m impressed, Fanatic person. =O

And yeah, it was a poor excuse to mingle and feel active.

Comment by suspic

way to feed his ego L, it’s already huge ;o

u play sf 4?

Comment by milk in a bag

I have no idea what that means but if we played your ass would be handed to you. =O

Ice ice baby..

Comment by suspic


Comment by A 3 AM Flight


Comment by suspic


Comment by blasphemous coffee


Comment by Abdullah

What can you do about it ?

~ Soul

P.S: You now qualify to have your own website.

Comment by Soul

Oh! I thought I would present you but you are way ahead I guess.

Now develop it rather than redirecting it.

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

I am six days late.

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

I was given the domain as a gift, but I have no idea how to transfer my blog there since the content file can’t be uploaded to the new domain for being too large, and I had trouble customizing the theme to match this one.

So I simply redirected to this page. =O

In regards to your question, the easiest thing to do would be to show them no support til they up their standards.

..that is until I have my epiphany, start my own business and show them shame. :D

Comment by suspic

Well said.

The second part of what you do interests me the most and I feel that’s what is going to count.

Set an example.

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

Ok regarding the website part, do you have hosting space ?

Once you have hosting space, we can redirect your domain name to the name servers of the hosting space provider.

And moving the content is a piece of cake.

Customizing the theme, leave it to me, I have resources who will fix it for ya.

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

And if you need to talk to me, you can ping me at

init-soul AT live DOT com on MSN.

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

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