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suspic saw a familiar rear on the street~!
May 14, 2009, 6:33 am
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One of my favorite eye candy cars copied a 1994 Galant. I feel cheated and used for liking it. A rather unpleasant slutty adventure for the suspic.

End of transmission.



LOOL ybt-ha raaait al7en 6ay7t-ha min 3aini ;p

Comment by DaLaL

It’s still sexy, just less sexy. :(

Comment by suspic

ay sexy allah yahadeek ;p

Comment by DaLaL

ee ee 9a7 ;\
ana agol 5lni 3la elaston abrak ;Pp

Comment by abicheeseburger

Wana 5alni 3l G55. =O

Comment by suspic

u cant kill the man for asking for second hand class .. can u :P?

Comment by Cooookiez

I don’t follow..wha? =O

Comment by suspic

LOL I just reread that :P!!

Comment by Cooookiez

Frankly, I don’t see it.
As if you’re comparing a white Corvette’s rear lights to a white Ferrari’s cuz they’re both round and red..

Comment by Miznah

Yes, but a circle is a simple common design. This is quite similar. =O

Comment by suspic

LOOOOL I second Dalal ;)

Comment by Abdullah


Comment by eldctora

I’m at alkhiran, this is a filler post to get you your daily fix of suspic. =O

Comment by suspic

but cars? really?

nothing else to talk abt?

jet ski-ing atleast

Comment by eldctora

and just when I thought there was some depth to you, i find out your fave car is a maserati …AKA typical TK… yawnsville indeed eldoctora and this post was lacking.

Comment by bbq sauce on my short short s

Define “TK”? =O

My all time favorite car is a Mercedes G class though. =O

Comment by suspic

tk= typical kuwaiti

‘My all time favorite car is a Mercedes G class though. =O’

lawl not helping your case.


Comment by A 3 AM Flight

They say BORSH* LOL, Second the G class thing though yaa Suspic!

Comment by 47

I’d rather be a TK than an elitist brat. :D

What do you like? One of those “Lancer Evo” ZOMG FOURWHEEL DRIFE FO LYFE? =O

p.s. I say “borsh”. It’s a bit too posh to say porsche. =O

Comment by suspic

this car is so girly :P

Comment by BeBe

That doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy. =O

Comment by suspic

ilthnain jyaker

Comment by Fanatic

Ana a3rif shit7iben afa 3laich! :D

Click here. =O

Comment by suspic

i’ll just ignore the car, and sit here feeling special you know why?
you took the time to google that car and link it; and all that..JUST FOR ME. awwh

Comment by Fanatic

Yes, but you took the time and mental energy to convince yourself it was a compliment. My opinion matters to you. =O

I’m not surprised but flattered, Fanatic person. :D

Comment by suspic

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