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May 16, 2009, 11:30 pm
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Our elections are a pedophiler’s wet dream. I was passing around the voting locations for some free ice cream and a girl jumped through the window screaming:

“!الله يخليك صوت لفلان! اذا تحب الله! ابوس ايدك صوتله”

I should’ve offered her my leg.

End of transmission.



OMG OMG!!!!! walla u made my day 3la hal post ur RIGHT shft-hom shlon Coo Coo!!! ;p
o LMAO 3la ur leg kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak tsk tsk tsk mat yooz min swalifk walla dam3t min ethi7k LOOOL :P

Comment by DaLaL

Sh3rifich bil wa3i wil nasha6 elsyasi ele feehom. =O

Allah y3afi o ywafig ele ywaz3on food though. =O

Comment by suspic

LOOOL elmafrooth tgoolik plz plz plz show me ur leg :P ana bnt o athoni tgooli u in uni u look pretty o young vote 4 flan elflani cz kla y36i ri3ayat!!! walla i was WTF!! b36ee 3shan MONEY o RI3YAT!!

Comment by DaLaL

wili titmasha bain il siyayeer, 3ind a school where women vote, handing candidate pamphlets to good looking guys in expensive cars ONLY? she actually skipped the cars ili ma 3jiboha. w min zood il 7ir9, she crossed the street to hand some more pamphlets, and play with her hair while doing so, to the carrera on the other side of the road. il kanat matrosa guys of course.
this is what i call itqan il 3amal

Comment by 7afsa

Ast`3firallah, ena b3tha elthani ethm! =O

Shdrach ya 7af9a, yimkin kanat tdaleehom the school where MEN vote l2nhom mthy3en? Elbaraka bil shbab! :D

On a lighter note, sam3a eghnyat nabeel? Ya bu na9ir no3idik? =O

Comment by suspic

ma thanait, itqan il 3amal! alah y3afeehum walah!

and the song? gets on nerves, la la7an la kalimat! LOL in9on il balad winsheelha bi3yona, ee 9a7!

Comment by 7afsa

LOL they flocked on me like paparazzi on Paris Hilton!!
I actually enjoyed that moment and said “a7ad yabeeni awaqe3lah?”
ah, no they didn’t..

Comment by Miznah

It was like the 25th. of Feb but with flyers instead of the foam cans. =O

Comment by suspic

a friend of mine yatlaha wa7da she was like “vote for flan ilflani and i’ll be sure to give a good word for u for other women 3shan yakh6oboonich”

tkhaluf shloon 9ayer ?

Comment by Cooookiez

LOL y7lailha. =O

We have a problem with priorities. Y’know marriage comes before the continuity of your country. =O

Comment by suspic

i agree, u should have compensated for your lack of facial manhood with your mutant legs by thrusting them out your car window and passing them by slowly and saying ‘these are the wolverines of kuwait baby”

Comment by mr popo

Your fantasy about the suspic, eh? =O

Does pedobear approve though?

Comment by suspic

LOOOL cuteness!! and la wili iy3afeek basik i’3ra oo seduction ma3a il public!! have some shame :p

Comment by Shwaish

I’m simply supplying to their demand.

Tell them to have some shame. I’m more than eye candy. :(

Comment by suspic

eye candy ha?? ee walla ana ash-had ina inta 7adik eye candy wiya hal seegaan!!

Comment by Shwaish

LOL 7dhaa e9dmtnaa 7dhaa kant mt7amsaa shway o tdsh elsyara ;\

Comment by abicheeseburger

lol crazy dude :P no one wants ur hairy stinky legs :P

Comment by BeBe

You just want them for yourself, don’t you? =O

Comment by suspic

plz plz plz plz plz plz sawit lina :P

Comment by Abdullah

“ambaaaih alflani 7ada cute, sawiiiit!”

Ra7at ayam el debates o ywroonik awrag feha his political history o qualifications, it’s all pretty girls in tight jeans bribing you with ice cream while bending over. =O

Comment by suspic

elshaye3 was cute *sigh*

Comment by eldctora

Zoqa b3d? =O

Comment by suspic

yep zoqa *sigh*

Comment by eldctora

ROFLMAO @ the comments…eye candy haa!!!!

Comment by MLB;p

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