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suspic’s birthday begins with charity~!
May 18, 2009, 1:53 am
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My family and I were at the garden enjoying the sexy clear night, awaiting the first moments of my 19th birthday on the 18th of May. A stray dog joined the party at our doorstep, it looked thirsty and quite hungry. Being a good man, I watered the poor thing and gave it some bread. Sweet, innit?

Fast forward minutes later, the dog and I are having a death stare match. Nothing between us but the fence as the dog’s trying to find a way to hop it to get to me while my sister’s pulling me back.

Lesson of the day, either suspic in shorts is tastier than bread or dogs don’t like the camera flash.

End of transmission.



I hear they give out free rabies shots when it’s someone’s birthday.

But then again, you probably didn’t get your skin broken thanks to your leg’s natural fur armor.

Comment by mr popo

Ironman’s got nothing on me, JEAH. :D

Comment by suspic

happy birthday :p

Comment by Cooookiez

Shank yewww. :D

Empty handed, ha? =O

Comment by suspic

happy birthday sexy :p

Comment by Shwaish

Hubba hubba. ;D

Comment by suspic

LOL happy birthday!

Comment by lost b2amreeka

5osh birthday so far. Thank joo. =O

Comment by suspic

LOOOL happy B-day ya bo sexy legs LOOOL 3yal tastier ha:P

Comment by DaLaL

Ashkra tastier, he was barking like hell while giving me an “I want you, you tasty muffin!” look. =O

Comment by suspic

hatha went 7aa6 reelek bas 3yal law 7aa6..eedek =D
kel 3aam wenta b5air !

Comment by plastic

Wintii b5aair ya blasteeka. =O

LOL I think law 7a6..eedi chan 9irt miss sunshine? :D

Comment by suspic

happy birthday ;D
5laa9 elyom 3azmk amr tdalal ;Pp

Comment by abicheeseburger

Abeek twakilni cheeseburger min McD in Austria.

Mita? :D

Comment by suspic

etha ma 3ndk dwam bachr al7en awadek ;Pp

Comment by abicheeseburger

Perhaps the dog didn’t appreciate that piece of bread that broke his decade long following of the atkin’s diet …

Comment by Fiend


I’m sincerely a fan of your humor. I’m sure it’s underrated in here. =O

I really think the feud’s not over with devildog, this afternoon he was roaming in front of our house in an “I know where you live, boy! I gotch your number!” sense.


Comment by suspic

Awe… thank you.. but being nice will not up your sexy factor u’know…

LOL remember devil dog has fangs.. you just have hairy legs… wait a minute.. he’d bite you and choke to death.. nice :P Perhaps give it a try?

Comment by Fiend

I think we’ll just have to form a neighbourhood intervension for devildog. =O

We’ll just repeat “it’s not your fault..” til he cries and talks about his sex addiction.

Comment by suspic

never feed a stray dog. Now thats auntie fanatic’s VALUABLE lesson

Comment by Fanatic

Etha mi7taj 6ag bab baiti, ma yinrad!

Hathie 3adatna o tqaleedna. Hathie 3adatna o tqaleedna..

Comment by suspic

awwww happy birthdaayy.. ur a big boy noww..

19 b3d .. mn gadek

Comment by eldctora

Thank yoouz~! ;D

I’m a man btw. :c

Comment by suspic

I guess the dog was over dosed by the accidental mix of your adrenaline in the bread you fed it.

Please wear pants next time to avoid accidents like this next time ;)

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

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