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suspic makes a bootie call~!
May 20, 2009, 12:02 am
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Today, I was tested. My car was taken, and I had to drive Old & Busty. My first ride back in the illegal underage days. It’s safe to say ex-cars hold quite the grudge when you dump their asses and come back for one last bootie call.

I had to ride Old & Busty at exactly noon, noon when everything alive feels a taste of hell. After stepping into the car, I tasted a bit of that myself. To be exact, my ass and hands felt it..hard. The steering wheel felt like lava, and the seat was rough on my ass burning it branding me like its bitch..on both cheeks.

My constant cussing and screaming “HOT! HOT! FUCKING HOT!” sounded like Eddie Murphy’s hot tub skit. The only difference is I’d look much hotter in that robe.

Everything was fine and dandy, until I tried to merge into a certain ring road from the right and move to the left lane all in one try, that usually requires a decentpush on the gas pedal into the guts of the engine and waiting for the car to take you to the promise lane! Only I had one more advantage!

Oh hell yeah! The orgasmic sport button! I pushed it, screamed “Just like old times~! Yeah baby~!” and floored it with the RPM gauge going mad! That’s when I learned that cars held a grudge.

Old and busty gave me nothing but a blow to my road manhood, I got on the left lane with a firing bullet of a car coming up close behind me so I had to swerve to the middle lane pretty fast because Old & Busty didn’t feel like giving me what I wanted one last time. I wasn’t the alpha male on the road.

Lesson of the day, V-Kool is divine and bootie calls never end well.

End of transmission.



you manage to make every situation somewhat(pfft ;p) sexual lol ;p

lool its fuunnny ;p

Comment by mar8adoosh

In terms of marketing, sex sells, yes? =O

I aim to please though. :D

Comment by suspic

oh may :p suspic u have such a cute twisted mind :p

Comment by Cooookiez

If cute is your way of saying badass then I approve. =O

Comment by suspic

Ahahahahaaa!! Suspic my dear suspic you crack me up!! You Never fail to make me laugh! Reading your posts is the first thing I do in the morning!! I hate old crappy cars! Love how you turned the car incident into a booty call! Sorry about your butt cheeks lmao

Comment by FourtySeven

My butt cheeks and I appreciate your concern and wish you lovely mornings filled with mister sunshine. :D

Comment by suspic

Ahahah!! I hope they are full of mr. Sunshine too!! You my dear suspic are sooo badass you are the Shiit!! Lots a’ love

Comment by FourtySeven

too funny…

Comment by project kenya 2011

I aim to please. =O

Comment by suspic

Yeah booty calls never end well.. better go get tested for an STD/SDI especially with that burning sensation… ;p

Comment by Fiend

LOL! Nothing some vicks can’t fix. :D

Comment by suspic

not any vicks… vicks bo tiger :P

Comment by Fiend

Never underestimate the power of the flying tiger. =O

Ask Harold and Kumar for reference.

Comment by suspic

You have come past to learn an important lesson.

And I guess you handled it well.

Am impressed !

~ Soul

Comment by Soul

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