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Feel free to send me your two cents on the blog whether positive or negative, using the e-mail above or the form below.  If you have nothing to say, at least try to be funny. If you fail at that, you will be ignored.

End of transmission.


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Disappointed not to find any hurtful, personal and slanderous comments about you on the comments page.

Must just be a little too early ;-)

Comment by moocherx

Yeah, I have shitty readers who like me. :(

Comment by suspic

ummmm happy now?


Comment by GoGo

To an extent, assface. :D

Comment by suspic

lol k
btw/ nice blog =)

Comment by GoGo

Thanks, man. Enjoy yourself, spam, cuss, anything.

Comment by suspic

i will
no worries =)

Comment by GoGo

End of transmission..
Does it come from your love for motors? wela i missunderstood?
ilmohim.. i liiike;)

Comment by Bebe

No, it’s like.. end of the broadcast?

Like my charming voice over a staticy radio station going “This song’s for all the pretty ladies out there.. oooooh yeah! “.

Comment by suspic

looooool, funny.

Comment by Bebe

dark humor. yay. we need more of that. not.


Comment by cruxine


Comment by ar53nal14


Comment by suspic

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